Local Moving

When it comes to moving, many people choose to handle the move themselves vs. hiring a big moving company.

Using Austin Mobile Storage is an easy way to handle your local move. Imagine packing and loading your belongings at your pace and packed to your standards. We provide an economical and convenient way to do your local move versus renting a truck and moving yourself.

Driving a large truck around town is stressful. Most people have never driven large trucks and it is even more nerve racking when it is filled with your belongings.

Local Moving

So why not leave the hassle of driving to the professionals?

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Here is how it works:

  • We deliver the moving container right to your door
  • You load it at your own pace
  • Call us when you are ready we’ll move the container to your new place
  • Take your time and unload, then call us to remove the container.
  • If your new place isn’t quite ready yet, we can easily combine your move with temporary storage, keeping your belongings safe at our local 24 hour access storage facility.

To make your move even easier, check out our containers with doors located at both ends!

Most people load the heaviest and largest items first (couches, beds, tables etc…).
By using Austin Mobile Storage you can unload those items first and place them in your new home before it is cluttered with boxes. In addition, unloading from both ends can dramatically speed up the time it takes you to move into your new home.

moving household itmes into storage container in residential driveway